The Spark Youth Publishing Program is for middle/high school writers who would like to strengthen their writing muscles, develop a greater understanding of craft, and begin a path to publication knowing they’re putting their best work forward.
This workshop is modeled on the process speculative fiction author, speaker, and educator David Viergutz designed to make his work shine.

Students will receive a two day crash course in story design and over a month, develop and write their first complete short story. The classes stories will be compiled, professionally edited and produced through David’s company and available for family and friends to purchase.

Students will help to choose a theme and cover of the book, often called an anthology.

“Young authors will work with me to get their first story on the page. Within weeks of finishing the course, they will hold a physical copy of their book in their hands with their name in print forever. I want to ignite a spark to become a writer that took me fifteen years to find again. I want them to grow up saying ‘I’m a published author.’

*A minimum of 12 students must be reached to form a class, and refunds or credit towards a future class will be given if that number is not reached in time. Parents must attend the first class.

David does not collect any money for himself. All donations and proceeds are used as scholarships to the program and other expenses in producing the book.

More about the class:

-Strong involvement with parents. Parents are even encouraged to be a part of the class if possible.
-Constructive critique of writing from a reader’s perspective to hone writing skills.
-Students will receive help with cover design and book dedications.
-Book topic parameters set (sci-fi, fantasy)- no sex or violence.
-Adult classes can be formed upon request!